The Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists acknowledges that we are an integral part of the living lineage of the International Visionary Art Movement. Members commit to uphold the Eight Fundamental Tenets of CAVA in both public and private life, and to conduct ourselves in accordance with those values and principles to the best of our abilities.

1.  Art, in its role as a guiding force for culture, has a responsibility to dream a world that is possible, not simply to react to the fragmented world already existent.

2. The global Visionary Art movement is an expression of a cultural rebirth that is characterized by many forms of the fine arts as well as performance arts, healing arts, sciences, metaphysics, consciousness studies, permaculture, etc.

3.  The principle of interconnectedness is inherent and applicable at every scale (the success of the individual relies on the success of the whole, and vice versa).

4.  As an allied union formed for the mutual benefit of all members, the sharing of resources, opportunities and information is of paramount importance.

5.  Actively learning and practicing the social arts of collaboration and cooperation shall take precedent over old-paradigm competitive models and mindsets.

6.  One should strive toward excellence and mastery in one’s art as well as in one’s self.

7.  As a representative of a conscious cultural rebirth, one should strive to act with integrity, compassion and empathy towards all people. If a mistake is made, one should endeavor to rectify it and resolve any harm that may have been caused.

8.  Each tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire the individual toward higher action and thought. These tenets are subject to evolution and refinement, just as are we.